When two smart persons say the same thing

Today, in the newspaper “Le Devoir” from Quebec, Doctor David Suzuki was talking about how much harmful it would be to elect Stephen Harper once again.

I don’t believe I need to do much more explaining here.  When extremely intelligent people such as Doctor Suzuki come forward and make such statements, I think it’s worth considering.

As well, Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of Canada (and now governor of the Bank of UK) was talking about how much climate change would have a deep impact on the economy.  I’ll concede that Mark Carney didn’t speak up on who to vote for.  However, his statement on the relationship between climate change and the economy is certainly to be taken very seriously.

I think we all agree here that Stephen Harper is definitely not the champion of the environment.  He will claim he is sensible to the environment problems but will not act accordingly.  He first muzzled Environment Canada and made deep cuts to this department.  He’s favored pipelines and wagons of oil being transported across the country with the consequences the people of Lac Mégantic all know too well.  Turning our back on important environmental considerations such as what Stephen Harper is doing is just allowing perhaps irreversible damage our children will suffer for.  And if we consider mister Carney’s position on the subject, we may be working at the very destruction of our economy as we speak.  Stephen Harper may be doing the very opposite of what he intends to do.  Perhaps on a not too distant future, jobs will be lost forever because of climate change.  We will then have destroyed irreversibly our environment and have deep economic problems.  This is an important consideration and I plead with Canadians to seriously consider this aspect before voting for Stephen Harper.

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