The Trans-Pacific Partnership

While Stephen Harper and his Wizard Of Oz (Crosby) are attracting our attention to the niqab false problem (this concerns two women who refused to remove their niqab out of hundreds of thousands), he his quite potentially giving away important parts of our economy.

What’s troubling here is that he’s not ready to commit to protecting farmers in this deal.  This is a disaster.  Here is why:

  • if we start importing our food and our basic necessities, we’re becoming too depending on what’s happening elsewhere.  Furthermore, we totally loose the control on what it’s going to cost us to eat.
  • Grocery is perhaps the biggest expense households have right now.  This is also the most stable (people have to eat).  Do you honestly want to give away the jobs related to this important function?  I don’t think so.
  • Importing food is a disaster for the environment.  While every expert on the planet will tell you that we need to start growing our food next to where our population lives, this deal is perhaps going to cause just the opposite.  Transporting food over long distances just doesn’t make sense.

It is true that lots of jobs may be created with this deal.  The question you need to ask yourself is that are they going to be good jobs.  Will our farmers need to sell their land to external interests?  Will we live in a world where there will be crop fields next to our cities while our people are starving because they can’t afford to eat anymore?

Please consider the consequences of this deal before voting for Stephen Harper.

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