Are you really going to vote based on the niqab?

I was reading an article about a demonstration of the Conservatives in the Quebec city area.  For some reason, this area has always been favorable to the Conservatives.

Stephen Harper focused most of his speech on the niqab situation.  This is discouraging.  He’s claiming to be champion of the economy and all he can talk about is the niqab.  Come on!  I mean, enough is enough!  We’re talking two cases over hundreds of thousands.

The article was stating that the niqab situation was the turning point in this campagne so far.  If this is true, history will most likely remember this election as the biggest mistake Canadians will have ever made.  Are we that easy to manipulate?  We need to focus on the real issues here.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Job security (who will create good jobs, protection of our farms with the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal)
  • The state of the economy (how to generate growth again)
  • The state of the public finances (balancing budgets, focusing on right priorities)
  • International affairs (how to react to the Islamic State, how to react to Russia, relationship with the US, our assistance to migrants)
  • The age of retirement
  • Helping out provinces with their health system
  • Investing in our infrastructure
  • Protecting our environment

Those are the important points I will be considering when choosing who I will vote for.  If you think Harper is the best on those points, then fine, vote for him.  You are entitled to your opinion.  But please, don’t vote only on the niqab.  If the points mentioned above would have you vote for someone else, then I say that these are much more important priorities than the niqab.

I’ll leave you with this food for thought.  Consider this from Stephen Harper.  He is ready to put aside his so important values when votes are in the wager.  For example, selling military equipment to Saudia Arabia seems perfectly fine because he’s afraid that doing the right thing might cost him some precious votes in Ontario.  He is prepared to sell military equipment to a country where humans rights are ignored.  He’s prepared to sell military equipment to a country which most likely supports the niqab more than everyone else.  But yet, he’s claiming we need to adopt the hard way against the niqab here, a problem that is much more smaller than selling weaponry to Saudia Arabia.  By the way, it’s interesting to see how much he will not hesitate to sign deals with a country that his responsible for the dip in oil prices right now.  Stephen Harper claims to have values.  He has values but only when it doesn’t cost him.

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