Like I was saying

I was just going through an article from CTV news about Trudeau needed to take a break for the week-end while his financial plan is out.  Surely enough, there were people ready to throw rocks at him while others were ready to defend him.

Honestly, I don’t get his strategy here.  You’re releasing perhaps the most important document of your campagne and you somehow manage to disappear for the week-end?  I just don’t understand what’s going through the minds of the Liberals spin doctors these days.  It’s not the week-end off that is the problem it’s rather to release the financial statement on that very same week-end.  I would have just delayed it until next week.  They probably want to see the comments over the week-end and pep talk the guy in order to align his answers.  It shows he is not that strong on economics but at the same time it shows that it’s a team working and not a one man show.  All in all, there is some good and some bad.  You make up your own mind on this one folks.

The reason why I’m writing an article is because I was looking over at the comments people were making.  More precisely, comments about whether we had a better standard of living since Harper took office.  Some were saying yes, while some were saying no.  Those who were saying no were saying no for various reasons (environment, economy and more).  There was however a pattern we could see with those who were saying yes.  In all the cases, people were super happy about Harper because they could shelter money in a TFSA and because of the cut to the GST.  They were also happy about income splitting.  Do you see a pattern here?  All of those people already had good amounts of money.  They could all afford to have their RRSP full and their TFSA full.  I’m personally making a decent salary and I’m telling you, this is not something I can achieve myself.  I have some RRSP and no TFSA at all.  And income splitting doesn’t do squat for me since me and my wife have income that are close enough.  Those people were in the vast majority people close to retirement.  Normally, you have more income when you’re close to retirement because some of your payments should be done by now.  Kids should be out of the house and their tuition fees should also be history.  But to all of you who have fully loaded TFSA right now, I have a question.  Don’t you already have enough money as we speak?  I mean, you most likely have tens of thousands of dollars already put aside and you want even more?  I mean, if we can lower your taxes and keep the economy rolling, fine, I’m all for it.  But the problem is right now that the economy is not rolling.  We need a leader who will invest and not just be happy to do the least he can do to get the support of targeted groups such as yourselves.  To all retirees and close to retirees out there, who have lots of money, I have another question:  do you have grand-children or perhaps children who are struggling to make ends meet?  Do they have to purchase a home that is 3-4 times more expensive than what it used to be when you bought your own home?  Do they have no job security at all and have to sometime combine two jobs to make ends meet?

Perhaps I’m tired and I shouldn’t write what I’m about to write but too bad, here it goes.  Put on the hat if it fits.  You baby Boomers enjoyed probably the most favorable condition you could ask for.  Yes you has your time of difficulties like every generation but over all, you had job security in the vast majority of cases and, you were the first generation to benefit from money that was left over from your parents.  You had decent salaries and some of you didn’t have to suffer from being overworked because unions protected you like crazy.  Your homes were affordable, even with the high interest rates.  Now that all the risks are over, you are all too happy to just vote for someone like Harper who will give back to you perhaps 2000-3000$ a year while the young families trying to start on their own struggle.  We have university grads not being able to find decent work for crying out loud.  All of this because our government won’t invest.  And you have the audacity to tell us we’re better off?  I suggest you stop looking at just yourself and look at the others around you.  Look at the young families overpaying for their houses because you want more and more profit when you sell yours.  Look at the unemployed who would very much like to find work to even start considering starting a family.  Look at single parents struggling.  In the end, we will all pay a heavy price for this.  We will just not have any children anymore because no one will be able to afford it.  You will be loaded with cash not being able to get services because there will be no one there.

I find it strange that you’re all claiming that Trudeau’s plan will be passing on a bill to the generations to come.  In fact, his plan is more to save this generation and prepare the country so that there is a generation to come in the first place.

When you go out and vote, look at all the angles here.  You already have the money, you already have a good situation.  Are you ready to sacrifice an entire generation by putting Harper back in office just so you can have an additional 3000$ per year on perhaps a total of some 60,000$ net?  Are you reading to send your grand-children working perhaps for 25,000$ a year while trying to pay for a 300,000$ house just so you can fly to Florida in winter time?  I have a daughter and if I would be close to retirement, I’d be hoping the best for her and I would try to vote for the guy who would favor her, not me.  Just think about what you’re about to do.

And to all of you who don’t have a good job right now.  To all of you looking for work.  To all of you trying to start a family: look carefully at Harper’s plan and see if it’s going to help you.  Look at the job you currently have.  Look at your salary.  If you can’t afford a TFSA right now, then Harper has nothing in stock for you.  Sorry.  The paradoxe here is that polls often show that people who support the most Harper are low income families.  This is strange.  You vote for a guy who will not do anything for you while the other guys are trying to come up with something to help you.  They might not be perfect and they might not have bullet proof plans but at the very least they’re trying.  Harper is not.  He is hoping for the generosity of some the Baby Boomers full of cash and for the generosity of the private companies.  Both are not there to be generous.  Companies are partially owner by investment funds held by people who have money and want even more with profits.  Companies can only achieve more and more profits on your back.  They have to make you work harder for less.  It’s simple and efficient.  On the other hand, rich Baby Boomers are all too happy to keep money in their savings.  I’m not blaming them, this is what they have to do.  They have to save money to pay for long term care for themselves.  I’m however blaming a government who will just favor them in order to get enough votes to get in.

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