How it all relates

Man, I’m telling you, we are less and less Canadian by the day with this Harper guy.  We’ve just learned yesterday that he’s been favoring an important weapons deal with Saudia Arabia.  Since when are we in the business of delivering weapons to a country that is not respecting the basic human rights?  He’s considering this country an ally.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying we should forbid all trading with this country.  But trading weapons with them?  I mean, what reassurance do we even have those weapons won’t end up in the hands of the Islamic State?  Not that this country itself is for this group but there could be underground dissidence in this government to pass on some of those weapons.  What prevents Saudia Arabia to sell those weapons in return to Syria?

I’ll admit, I’m going on a tangent here and I have no proof whatsoever to back what I’m saying.  All that I’m saying are the following questions:

What if the weapons we’re producing in Canada end up somehow being used in Syria?  What if we have a participation in the migrants crisis more than we want to admit?  What if we’re sending out our own troops to fight against weapons produced here in Canada?  What if we’re participating in the destruction of a country and then turning our backs on the affected populations?

We sure want jobs in Canada.  But do we want jobs by helping out a regime that is far from being a democracy?  Do we want jobs at the expense of sending weapons in a region of the globe where those weapons could be used in a wrongfully manner?  Like I was saying, what guarantees do we have that Saudia Arabia will not turn around and sell those weapons to groups which we would never sell weapons to in the first place?  We’re not talking selling weapons here to an allied country, member of NATO.  We’re talking selling weapons to a monarchy that totally ignores human rights and democracy.  And then we have Harper telling us that some of the acts committed by this country are barbaric.  Tell me then how it’s a good idea to sell weapons to these guys?

Gille Duceppe used to be out of the race in my books.  But, with yesterday’s question, I’m thinking he scored some big points.  It’s totally ironic that somehow, it’s a separatist from Quebec that blown the whistle on a truly Canadian value.  With Harper, we’re not just intervening militarily, we’re also providing weapons to countries which perhaps we should not.  It’s also ironic to have Harper telling us to be against the niqab situation while he’s providing weapons to one of the countries which is the source for this practice.

In all fairness however, I have to say that the response from Trudeau and Mulcair was quite shy.  So did Elizabeth May.  I’m hoping this is because this question took them off guard and that they wanted to analyze the situation before taking position.  But, if we’re really providing weapons to Saudia Arabia, we have to seriously consider the implications that this has.  And parties have to come out and say that they will put an end to this, even if it costs votes.  Sometime, you have to stand by your convictions.

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